Today’s workout


I slept in ridiculously late today, knowing full well it was ‘long run’ day. Alas, when I finally dragged myself out of bed it proved to be a wonderful day to get outdoors and do some running. Here in Scotland sunny weather is unusual so I was pleased to see some of it on my day off. I’ve started doing the 5:2 diet recently, which I’m still getting used to. You can read more about running on a fast day here.
Today wasn’t a fast day however, so I stuck to my half marathon training plan and aimed for 5 miles. The first few miles were slow but I was more concerned about completing the mileage than breaking any speed records.

Amazingly once I finished and consulted my handy Nike running app, I learned I had recorded my fastest ever mile! It seems that the worse I feel the harder I work without realising it. I’m looking forward to seeing more improvements next week!

What was your workout today?

2 thoughts on “Today’s workout

  1. Good for you! Sometimes you achieve speed when you’re not focused on it. Congrats on your best mile! I’ve got a rest day today, so I’ll be taking it easy this afternoon.

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