Running on a Fast Day


I am currently in the middle of my first week on the Fast Diet, and about one third of the way through my half marathon training plan. Were the two made to work together? You’d be surprised. Athletes studied during occasional fasting showed no negative changes in relation to speed, power, agility, endurance or passing and dribbling skills. The great thing about exercising on a fast day means that you are almost guaranteed to burn fat, as your body is running on empty and has nothing else to burn off.

I aimed to go out for a 20 minute run and extend it if I felt good. I managed to run for nearly double that time. I felt like my pace was sluggish, but when I compared it to my other times my speed per mile was actually around the third fastest I’d ever achieved! I definitely think the ‘thought’ of running on a fast day can make it seem harder than it really is. I’m looking forward to watching my performance improve!

Have you tried running on empty?

5 thoughts on “Running on a Fast Day

    1. I know, sounds too good to be true doesn’t it?! What kind of exercise do you do? I think the hardest part about fasting relates to how dependant you are on sugar. I cut that out if my diet before trying the fasting x

      1. I mainly do running/jogging but also a bit of bike because otherwise I get bored! And good on you! I don’t think I could ever manage that, but I can definitely see how it would make it easier

        Sophie x

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