The Fast Diet: Today’s Food Diary

Meal 1

Oats So Simple Instant Porridge Pot Golden Syrup: 213 calories

Meal 2

Egg noodles with tuna and peppers: 284 calories

Drinks: 1 black coffee, 1 bottle of Coke Zero, 1 rooibos tea : 2 calories

Total calories: 499



I was working from 12-5.30pm today, which I have found really helps my ability to fast through lunch. I had breakfast about 11am and had dinner just after 8pm. Whilst at work I had a bit of a headache, but I made sure to keep drinking water and decided to have a decaffeinated tea in the afternoon instead of another coffee to fight off the post-coffee slump! I also tested out exercising on a fast day this evening, I went a run before dinner which I will write about in a separate post.

Have you got any meal ideas which come in at around 250 calories?


6 thoughts on “The Fast Diet: Today’s Food Diary

  1. A good meal which I’m 90% sure is around 250 cals is a mixed leaf peppery salad (with a dash of olive oil and balsamic vinegar as dressing) with a couple of sundried tomatos and a few slices of low fat mozerella. Very yummy! I would love to know your recipe for sweet potato fries by the way 🙂

      1. No not at all. About a kilo a month so its slow but steady. That said I don’t exactly hold back on my feast days as evidenced by the other recipes on my blog. It’s the perfect ‘diet’ for some-one who loves to eat.

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