The Fast Diet: Day One


I’ve been reading about the Fast Diet (also known as the 5:2 diet) since early April, and have been dying to give it a go. I’ve been putting it off because I had completed my first Whole 30 with great success (I lost 10 pounds in 30 days) and was worried about introducing dairy, grains and sugar back into my diet. But after reading numerous newspaper articles and hearing success stories from friends and family members I couldn’t wait any longer. I wanted a piece of the action. Here’s now my first day looked:

Meal 1

Homemade courgette, and potato soup and 1 slice of brown bread: 230 calories

Meal 2

Baked sweet potato with tuna and ratatouille: 245 calories

Drinks: 1 black coffee, 1 can of Diet Coke, 1 can of Sugar Free Red Bull, 1 rooibos tea : 11 calories

Total calories: 486


I was working from 7-3pm yesterday when I did this, which made it easy to keep busy and not think about food too much.  By the time I finished work I was pretty high on caffeine so I felt a bit ill in that respect. I took time to relax before dinner and after that I felt great. I chilled out with a movie and a cup of tea after dinner and went to bed about 1am, not hungry but definitely looking forward to breakfast the next day! Roll on Day 2.

Have you had success on the 5:2 diet?

7 thoughts on “The Fast Diet: Day One

  1. I’ve been hearing so much about this diet. One of my co-workers is on it and she says she has great success with it! The only thing is I don’t think it would work for me because of the amount of exercise I try to do and my pretty hectic job, and I don’t think 500 calories would be enough to keep me going!

    Sophie | An Arrangement of Notes

    1. If you read the book there is a section on exercise. A lot of athletes report better performance when fasting! Your body would get used to it. I’m running 4 times a week and cross training twice and I’m not overly concerned about it. At least exercise will keep my mind off the hunger. If you are anything like me, I often feel more energised after physical activity so it might actually be a positive thing.

      1. Ooh, that’s interesting, thankyou! If I’m honest was probably using that as an excuse not to do it so maybe I will look into it a bit more now. Thanks!

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