My week in food pics

1006644_10152887944210338_1832627543_o Last Sunday it was a scorcher here in Scotland, which means everyone has a BBQ and sits out in the back garden normally getting sloshed on cider. I have been off the booze for a few months now so we just had a BBQ. Well actually we couldn’t be bothered lighting one so we made burgers in the oven and ate them outside! We were lazy and just bought some Aberdeen Angus burgers instead of making our own, served without buns and with beetroot and tomato salad.








1019993_10152905200755338_1313935288_o  I’ve been feeling rotten this week because my back injury has limited my ability to exercise. More time to myself means I end up craving treats, so have been trying to be sensible by choosing dark chocolate. Controlling my blood sugar spike is key to stopping me wanting another treat hours later. I also experimented with Sweet Potato Brownies which I was pretty pleased with.









997835_10152897499270338_1175135455_o  It wouldn’t be a week in my food diary without chicken. We must go through about 8-10 fillets a week between the two of us, and I am getting a bit fed up of it to be honest! This was nice though, served up with sautéed sweet potato, courgette and red pepper. Topped of with a handful of cashew nuts for a little crunch.

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