100% Organic Nom Bars

992055_10152900854165338_67722505_oNowadays snack bars are marketed as a convenient, healthy way to eat in between meals. Often advertised as ‘less than 100 calories’ or ‘virtually fat free’ consumers are understandably misled into believing that these grab-and-go options are a good way to get nutrients and combat hunger. The sad truth is that most of these bars are packed with refined sugars and zero nutritional value, leaving you feeling unsatisfied and flailing once the sugar rush has worn off.

I’m unaware of any ‘food’ bars (I’m informed Nom does not want to be lumped in with the other products named ‘snack’ bars) which offer the unique clean-eating benefits that this one does. Lets take a look:

  • Free from refined sugars and dairy
  • Low GI index, organic, high in antioxidants
  • Contains coconut oil, oats, oat bran and agave nectar

Together this is a pretty awesome combination. The use of agave nectar instead of refined sugars paired with slow releasing oats means a genuine energy boost which lasts without the dreaded sugar crash (come on guys, we’ve all gone a little sugar crazaay) but not only this, these bars taste AMAZING. I mean, you would actually choose to eat this over a cereal bar or even a chocolate bar. I’m being 100% honest here, I was seriously gutted when I finished my one and only bar. Good news is Nom is coming to the UK!

Nom Bars launch in the UK July 1st and will be available via http://www.planetorganic.com and selected health stores in London. Find out more at http://www.nomfoods.co.uk

*PR samples kindly sent to me for review. Packaging is mock-up and not the finished article

6 thoughts on “100% Organic Nom Bars

  1. Yum! I wish they were here in the states! I think many here like the Lara bars. I’ve never tried them so I’m not sure on the ingredients but I think a major component is dates.

    1. I don’t think there is much dried fruit in these, think its the coconut oil and agave nectar that gives all the flavour. I’ve never tried a Larabar, don’t think we get them here either!

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