Sweet Potato Dark Chocolate Brownies

dark chocolate sweet potato brownies blogger UK

I’ve been feeling pretty rough the past few days, my back is playing up and I can’t really get out to run in case I make it worse, so I’ve been feeling pretty sorry for myself. I’m trying not to resort to food as comfort but its soooo hard! Along with upping my self-care game I’ve also been munching on a lot of dark chocolate. I grabbed a 500g bar yesterday and planned to basically scoff the lot in one go, but decided to have a go at baking that well-known paleo snack; sweet potato brownies.


I had a look online to see what basic ingredients were required and I had pretty much everything I needed at home apart from cocoa powder. I loosely used this recipe as a guide and substituted coconut flour for a mixture of ground almonds and dessicated coconut (this seemed to work pretty well) and instead of mixing in chocolate chips I used my bar of chocolate as a topping which I drizzled on after baking.

The finished result is a very dense, moist sponge similar to coconut macaroons. The sweet potato provides the desired sweetness and acts as a good contrast to the rich, almost bitter dark chocolate. Next time I’d like to add some chopped walnuts to add a bit of texture, but otherwise I was really happy with my first attempt.

Have you got any good paleo treat recipes I can try?

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