Scheckter’s Organic Energy Lite

991132_10152889814810338_1815931883_oEating clean can feel pretty repetitive and boring sometimes, and I have  got used to saying NO to most things. So when I came across this all natural energy drink with no artificial sweeteners I was very sceptical. It sounded good. Maybe too good to be true. I analysed the back off the can and even added the guys on Twitter to make sure they weren’t some dodgy made up company! The more I researched the more impressed I was.

The drink has been a finalist for the Natural and Organic Awards, was given a commendation at the Soil Association Organic Food Awards and won gold at the Great Taste Awards in 2011. After reading the 100% natural and organic ingredient list I couldn’t think of a reason not to try it, so I cracked the Lite version open whilst at work yesterday.Oh.My.God. This stuff tastes so good. The fruity flavour comes from lemon, pomegranate and elderberry which tastes unlike any energy drink I’ve tried. It doesn’t make you purse your lips with bitterness or feel sickly sweet. To be honest, it just tastes really juicy.

The caffeine hit comes from raw green coffee beans, green tea and ginseng giving you the equivalent of one espresso shot (the regular version gives two shots). Drinking this half way through a shift at work was great. It quenched my thirst and gave me a much needed boost to get through til dinner time. Not only that, but I actually felt less hungry and managed to fight off sugar craving s much easier that usual. I can only assume this is thanks to the use of agave nectar as a sweetener, which helps maintain regular blood sugar levels. Overall, a highly recommended energy drink for anyone eating clean. Gimme more!


Have you discovered any products worth recommending?



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