Easing back into running….


I am so happy I managed to do a short run today after 6 days of injury time! I was planning to take it easy but I ended up doing a 30 minute run followed by 55 mins of Body Pump. I kept all my back and shoulder weights to a minimum and challenged myself with legs and arms instead, not too much of a cop out I hope. My plan going forward is to reduce the amount of cross-training to once or twice a week, because for the past 3 weeks I’ve been running 4 times and doing at least 3 fitness classes. Think I have slightly over-trained but I’m no professional, hence the injury.

Its good to get that aching feeling back, you know, the nice kind of pain which comes after a work out? Right now my wee biceps are throbbing as I type this, and I’m loving it!

Fingers crossed I can remain injury free til the half-marathon in October.

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