Injured and feeling defeated…

After a positive start to the week (you can read my half-marathon training update here) I woke up on Wednesday with an injured back, and decided not to go to the Metafit class I had booked for that afternoon. I knew I wouldn’t physically be able to participate and was worried I would do more damage too. So I took it easy all day, just watched tv, caught up on my favourite bloggers (Barbara has been keeping me entertained) whilst trying to keep active by walking to the local shop. I have had lower back pain since early 2005 and often see an osteopath to keep things in check, but since I began exercising regularly I have had fewer problems and find that my fitness regime actually helps. So when this injury put me out of action for five days, I was really gutted.

Being unable to exercise for this long has made me feel so low. I have gone without working out for longer than that before, but normally because I have been too busy with work, social engagements or holidays. But to be physically unfit to go a run is so frustrating! I feel like I’m totally defeated before I’ve even begun my half-marathon training. I guess I rely on exercise to make me feel like I have really achieved something every day, and without it I feel a little lost.

I planned a run tonight to test out my back but I’m also hoping to do a Body Pump class tomorrow night, so decided I would just rest up for one more night in the hope that I will feel more energised in the morning. I’ve had to work the past few days too which involves being on my feet, so that probably hasn’t helped my recovery. Anyway, my plan this week has been rest, rest, rest in the hope that it will pay off in the long run.

Do you have any tips on dealing with the emotional troubles that come with injuries?

4 thoughts on “Injured and feeling defeated…

  1. I’ve broken both my wrist and foot this year on separate occasions. One stopped me from snowboarding mid season and the other has postponed the training I was hoping to do for an end of summer half marathon so I can totally understand how you’re feeling! Though the thought of eventually getting back into some sort of fitness regime keeps me upbeat (and sort of excited? aha). Try not to feel too bad/guilty about resting because you’ll be in better shape eventually for it. I suppose the lack of achievement every day must be strange but recovery is an achievement of sorts! Anyway, I hope you’re not in too much pain and that you feel back on top form soon 🙂 x

    1. Wow you have broken two bones that doesn’t even bear thinking about! I’m not in too much pain, just stiff, which makes it tempting to go out and try to run on it. The thought of exercising does excite me, but the feeling that everyday I become less fit is also overwhelming. I’m sure it’s not the case but without distraction my mind tends to over think! Thanks for your words of encouragement x

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