New ways with sweet potato


sweet potato omeletteOn a low-carb diet sweet potato can be your saviour. It’s actually a root vegetable, so is not as starch-laden as your standard white potato but still provides the same satisfaction. However, relying on this as a side dish can become so boring that I often need to spice things up a bit to remind me how good they really are. Pictured above is today’s breakfast. First, chop up half a sweet potato and boil for 10 mins. Then, saute some spring onions, add the sweet potato and finally some eggs and fresh coriander to make a filling breakfast omelette served with some tasty avocado on the side.


Chicken and sweet potatoOn summer nights I like to make a warm sweet potato salad to serve with some grilled chicken. This salad is so good it doesn’t even need the chicken so is great for vegetarians. The salad consists of sauteed sweet potato chunks tossed in garlic, rocket, beetroot, spring onions, red onion, cherry tomatoes, fresh mint and coriander. Finish with a squeeze of lemon juice and you’ve got one seriously tasty salad!

How do you serve sweet potato?

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