When hunger calls…


Hunger is something I have learned to control, mainly by giving up sugar and drinking lots of water and green tea. When I’m distracted I can happily go for hours without eating, but today I’ve been at home with a sore back and all I can think about is food! So I thought I’d share my favourite healthy snacking options with you.

990717_10152875530125338_1814757877_oDates: Because I don’t include any refined sugars in my normal diet, dried fruits basically taste like candy. I have recently found a love for dates because I realised its what makes a lot of brownies taste so sweet and juicy!

989786_10152875576410338_1504625423_oCashew nuts: A better option than peanuts (which are actually a legume not a nut) and just as tasty. Its hard to stop at just a handful, and they are very high in calories, but they are packed with healthy fats and make a satisfying savoury snack.

991978_10152875555385338_94382152_oBraw Strawberry Bar: Snack bars are can be so misleading with their health claims, but this is one of the good ones I promise! This fruit & nut bar is gluten, wheat and dairy free and contains oats for an extra filling treat. There are several other flavours available but I couldn’t resist trying the strawberry one first.  A great handbag staple for eating emergencies (of which I have many).

What’s your favourite healthy snack?

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