Update: Half-marathon training

992043_10152870370190338_1575655897_o  I thought I better write an update on my half-marathon training, not because any exciting developments have been made, but because I fear people will think I was lying when I said I signed up for it. I am definitely doing the training, I guess I’m just quietly getting on with it and hoping that results will come.


I absolutely could not do this without the Nike+ Running app. I’m not going to go into why because I would ramble on for ages like a total geek, but if you want to read more about it please comment below and I will happily chat away!


The pic above shows the last few runs I did. I have been focusing on trying to keep my pace the same for every run I do, unless I am doing a tempo run that day. I seem to be doing ok. When I ran my first 10k in May I was running 12+minute miles but now I’m comfortably around the 11.19 mark. I did one tempo run and got the time down to 10.37 which I was really proud of because it was a scorcher of a day!


986896_10152873502440338_205416825_oLong runs:

Like most plans I am doing one long run per week which increases in time or distance every week. Week one was a doddle (3 miles) and week two was fine (40 mins target which got me 3.59 miles). This week I need to squeeze in a 5 miler which has made me really nervous, and I’m not sure why. I ran 6 miles when I did the last 10k race so this should be if not easy then certainly do-able….right? Watch this space!


The thing that keeps me most motivated is the plan itself. As you can see I’ve been ticking off each run as I go which I find insanely satisfying; imagine how I’ll feel when the whole page is filled with ticks?! I guess is breaks it into manageable chunks which is easy to digest and distracts you from the bigger picture and the enormity of the final task which comes in October. I’m also loving music as a motivator. This is true for most runners, and I honestly don’t know if I could run without it now. It has reminded me of old albums I forgot I had and made me appreciate them in a new light which is nice to think about when you’re out on a wee jaunt.


Final thoughts:

Overall I’m feeling positive, enjoying each little challenge as it comes and hoping the next few weeks will be as rewarding as the last.

Do you have any training tips for novice runners like myself?



5 thoughts on “Update: Half-marathon training

  1. I really like the sound of the app. Is it just a run recorder or does it give you a programme to follow? I love using apps to help with my running!

    1. No it doesn’t give you a programme, but you can choose to run by speed, distance or time, and whilst you listen to music it tells you regularly how many miles you’ve ran and at what pace. If you choose to run for say, 20 mins, at the 10 min mark it will tell you you have reached the halfway point, so you know to turn and run home! X

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