Recent Empties


EmptiesAustralian Bodycare Tea Tree Oil Skinwash: This was a present from my mum who is a regular shopper on QVC and obviously got a good deal on this massive litre bottle! It is designed for all skin types but is particularly good for sensitive types. The smell is hard to describe; the closest thing I can compare it to is chlorine in a swimming pool! That said, the results are fantastic. I have used the whole bottle in about a year and I love the antiseptic properties and the fact that it stops that ‘tight’ feeling my dry skin gets when I jump out of the shower.

Alberto Balsam Juicy Green Apple Shampoo: My boyfriend and I started using this about a month ago and we both absolutely love it as a basic cleansing shampoo to get rid of build up and grime. Has a lovely scent and I named it as one of my budget beauty favourites in a recent post.

L’Occitaine Vanilla Flower Shea Shower Gel: As far as I know this was a limited edition fragranced shower gel only available on QVC. I love the smell and I’m sad its finished but my mum has just given me another limited edition L’Occitaine shower gel which I am now in love with! This has a beautiful scent but I wouldn’t say it had particularly good moisturising properties.

OPI Nail Envy: I think this is the second bottle of this I’ve got through. I honestly can’t recommend this product enough. I go on and on about it to my friends but I get the impression they think I’m over-selling it! It really is one of those miracle products that genuinely creates visible results. I’ve always bitten my nails as well as worked in catering where my hands are always in and out of dirty sink water, so have lived with short brittle nails forever. This product strengthens and nourishes nails and helps them grow faster. Amazing. Will repurchase this product until the day I die.

Benefit They’re Real! Mascara: I can’t say anything about this that hasn’t already been said. Best. Mascara. Ever. Need to buy a new one ūüė¶

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