3 ways with protein

As a meat-lover I admit that I rarely find it hard to introduce protein into my meals. In fact, meat is usually my starting point and I consider herbs, seasoning and vegetables as an after-thought when my protein source is already sizzling on the grill! Here’s how I’ve been enjoying protein recently:

smokes salmon When I stay with my parents I often resort to eggs as they aren’t big meat-eaters. However this weekend my mum treated me to some smoked salmon which is such a convenient and tasty breakfast. The portion of fish was more than enough to satisfy my appetite but I couldn’t resist the temptation of scrambling a cheeky wee egg to go alongside it! I had a kiwi fruit too if you are wondering what the furry object is photo-bombing the bottom left hand corner.

chicken  I am so sick of eating chicken but I really can’t justify eating my favourite meat (steak) every evening for dinner. I was pleased to realise I had some parma ham left in the fridge so wrapped some around these mini fillets of chicken after cooking them on the George Foreman grill (do people still use these or am I a bit retro now?). I also grilled some red peppers and onions and served them up with some home made guacamole.

986915_10152848858855338_809637554_oMy no-brainer dinner is always chicken curry. Due to my haphazard style of cooking I have never made two curries the same, but I guess that’s part of the fun right? My main ingredients are always thai green curry paste and coconut milk. I normally fry some chicken in the paste until sealed, then add veg (try peppers, asparagus or green beans), coconut milk and simmer until the sauce has thickened. If I am in a hurry (or just to impatient and too hungry to wait) I will thicken the sauce with dessicated coconut or ground almonds.

What’s your signature protein dish?

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