Life without…. Dairy

cowLast month I gave up several  food groups as part of an eating plan called Whole 30 (see for details). Giving up dairy was something I had wanted to try for a while -mainly because of the calories involved in foods such as cream and cheese – but after further reading I realised there were other health benefits in avoiding dairy. Here’s an account of how I survived without it for 30 days.

At first: I was stumped as to how I would be able to make scrambled eggs, a staple meal on the Whole 30 plan which encourages the guzzling of eggs in every form imaginable. I ended up making it with only eggs and seasoning which tasted great; the only downside is that using milk stretches 2 eggs further so I now have to use 3 eggs to satisfy my appetite. Giving up other food groups associated with milk was helpful in my battle. I didn’t eat cereal, grains or processed food so no hidden milk powders were coming my way!

After a while: I got used to never having milk in my coffee. I generally drink it black anyway, but would sometimes have a latte as a treat at the weekend or have a milky tea when I was feeling ill. After a few weeks I grew to enjoy my black coffees and herbal teas in the knowledge that I wasn’t consuming any unnecessary calories. I noticed I hadn’t had a headache, upset tummy or felt bloated since starting my dairy-free journey.

Today: The only thing I really miss is ice cream, and to be honest I have jumped off the wagon for Ben & Jerry’s once or twice. But not having to stock up on fresh milk every couple of days is a blessing, and without the temptation of cheese in the fridge I have definitely avoided a few late night migraines as well as experiencing the joy of losing weight. I have also noticed my skin is much more predictable and I have fewer spots!

Is there anything you are trying to live without to improve your health?

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8 thoughts on “Life without…. Dairy

  1. Hi Fiona have you heard of Sweish Glace it’s a Dairy and Gluten free ice cream really nice as well.
    I have been trying to convert to dairy free for some time i am trying to find a Dairy Free replacement for all the things i really enjoy. I am addicted to Dark Chocolate Mint Crisps at the moment from Holland and Barrat.
    Anyway hope this helps.
    Please check out my blog i will be trying to include as many Gluten and Dairy free recipes as i can.

    1. Hey thanks for the tip! Holland & Barrett is so handy for snacks, I love it. Where do you get the dairy free ice cream? I live in Scotland so sometimes products are slow to market here.

      I look forward to reading ur blog!

      Fiona x

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