Half marathon – why am I doing this?!



If someone had told me a year ago I would be training for a half marathon, I would have laughed. I have had a gym membership for about 18 months but all of my exercise takes place in the fitness studio. I started off with the Les Mills class Body Attack; an hour of cardio broken down into about 9 tracks with 2 ‘peaks’ throughout designed to push your heart rate through the roof. I then dabbled in Spinning, Body Combat, Body Pump, Legs, Bums & Tums, Metafit… well just about every class I could get booked into. The beauty of the fitness class is that you are in a group with an instructor, almost shamed into working hard in case you look like the weakest one in the room. For me, that was a real motivator.

Then, before Christmas I signed up for a 10k run. I thought it would give be something to work towards in the gym. I definitely didn’t sign up for it because I love running. The amazing outcome was that I trained 3 times a week, completed the run and the same day was online signing up for my first half marathon. I would say now, on this particular day, I do ‘love running’. I’m almost certain over the next few moths there will be days where that simply isn’t the case! But I have embarked on a training plan and hope to complete the race in October this year.

I have left a link below to the training plan I will be following. I have just completed week 1. I use the Nike running app and post all my runs on instagram @fr040780. Please feel free to follow me on Facebook and Twitter just use the link on the right of this page. Have you got any training tips for me?

Thanks for reading







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