I know that sometimes the timing of my courses isn’t quite right, and when you’re pumped up to get started on a project you want personalised support NOW!

That’s why I’ve introduced my new 1:1 sessions. Simply pick the topic that you need support with, book a slot that suits you and we can get straight to the matter at hand.

This is a judgement-free zone. There are no daft questions! I make sessions very laidback, so rock up in your messy topknot with a mug full of builders tea and let me share my insider knowledge with you!

Oh, and of course, all sessions take place on Zoom. Let’s do this…

Not sure which one to pick?

Don’t worry, I can cover elements of multiple topics in each 55 mins session. Just pick the one that feels right and then when you book, you can fill me in on your specific needs.


Freelance Writing


Whether you’re just flirting with the idea of freelancing or looking to shake things up, we can talk through whatever you’re struggling with. Let’s build you a profitable career in writing!


  • 55 mins session
  • Ask me anything about making money as a freelance writer
  • E.g. pitching to magazines, blogging, content marketing
  • Refine your packages and marketing strategy
  • Access to the audio recording of our session


Pitching to Magazines


Do you dream of being paid to write for publications? Let me show you the ropes!


  • 55 mins sesssion
  • Ask me anything about pitching to magazines
  • Perfect for beginners who don’t know where to start
  • Get some pointers on what editors are looking for in terms of stories and pitch emails
  • Access to the audio recording of our session


Side-hustles and Self-employment


Thinking of making the leap into self-employment? I literally wrote the book on it! This call gives you extra 1:1 support to talk through your fears and plan for success.


  • 55 mins session
  • Ask me anything about going self-employed
  • Perfect for those in the early planning stages of making the leap
  • Get some pointers on the practicalities of setting up, getting clients and getting paid
  • Access to the audio recording of our session


Looking for something different?

Check out my writing courses!