Are you ready to rewrite your script? 


1:1 mentoring support for creative women who seek self-discovery, freedom and a fulfilling future. 

Humour me for a moment…..


Imagine waking up and feeling totally at home in your own life.

Imagine hearing your pals say ‘you’re living the dream’ and agreeing with them wholeheartedly.

Imagine being so sure of yourself that comparison doesn’t even exist in your mind.

Imagine freedom to live in a way that feeds your soul.

This is possible for you, and it all starts with a shift.

You’re not making it all up.


On paper, your life is pretty great. You’ve got enough money to pay the bills, a roof over your head and relatively stress-free relationships… so how come something always feels slightly off? 

You’ve tried to stuff it down, but that niggling feeling keeps bubbling up on the rare occasion that you allow yourself to feel the pain.

You’ve read all the self-help books, tried to journal, redecorated your space and booked a holiday to try and soothe the daily struggle but still, something just doesn’t feel right.

I hear you.

Forget about goal-setting.


Other coaches can help you smash your to-do list and reach your goals.

I’m far more interested in guiding you on an inner journey that will provide profound and lasting change.

I can help you shift internally. How that shift manifests externally is entirely up to you. 


When we work together, you’ll learn to…


  • Embrace who you are and what you want so that you can transform those dreams into reality.
  • Discover what’s holding you back.
  • Challenge yourself to make lasting changes
  • Find the path to the freedom you deserve.

In 90 minutes you can get crystal clear on your desires, what’s blocking you and how to make lasting changes to find the freedom you seek.

I’ve been lost.


Like many women, I grew up believing that achievements were linked to my worthiness.

So of course, I was laser-focused on achieving all the things. I got a university degree, I married a nice man, I got a book deal, then another book deal… the list goes on.


Through all of that, I was deeply depressed and disconnected from myself, but I thought that if I just continued achieving more and more things, somehow I would find that connection again. Somehow things would shift in a direction that felt right.


It wasn’t until I suffered a year of unexplained chronic pain, in the middle of writing my first novel that I had one of the biggest shifts. After spending months hyper-focused on writing my book, I typed ‘the end’ and closed my laptop.


In the silence that followed, I had a moment of unprecedented clarity and realised: I am a lesbian.


Since that shift, things have changed dramatically for me.

My life isn’t perfect (I’m living with my parents and going through a divorce) but I’m headed, finally, in the direction that’s right for me.

I travel more than ever, visiting family in Australia, cat-sitting in Paris, and I’m now bravely dating women, rediscovering my passion for music, dressing confidently in clothes that feel like me and I even honoured my teenage self by getting my nose pierced (because sometimes its the little things, innit?)

I want to help you shift.


I wish now that someone had stripped away all the distractions for me, and invited me to sit down and talk honestly, really honestly, about my needs and desires.

Because I now know for certain that internal shifts are the most important of all and they naturally lead to external changes that feel authentic and natural.

I know you feel as though:


You haven’t felt like yourself in a long, long time.


Life is overwhelming to you.


You’re constantly fire-fighting and never making progress.


Everything feels a bit ‘blah’ but you can’t pinpoint why.


You’re frustrated and ashamed that life doesn’t look the way you hoped it would.

You could use a shift session for:


  • Career pivots
  • Inviting more creativity into your life
  • Building better relationships
  • Making a big decision
  • Prioritising yourself
  • Pinpointing your needs so you can communicate them to others
  • Setting healthy boundaries

Past clients have learned to:


  • Ask employers for condensed working hours
  • Make time for journaling every day
  • Enter writing competitions
  • Pivot from working in medicine to working as a professional writer
  • Increase their prices so they can spend the summer with their kids
  • Asserting their needs and boundaries with friends and family

This all starts with getting clear on your desires and making a shift in the direction that you actually want to go.

What to expect


Time dedicated to you: Do that inner work that you crave without distractions or interruptions.


Personalised support: Direct access to me as well as personalised journaling prompts and meditations to create long-lasting change that is tailored to your specific needs.


Space to explore: Arrive with your muddled mind and I’ll focus on picking out the thing(s) that needs your attention first so that you can feel a genuine shift, quickly.

What that looks like


Welcome questionnaire so that you can braindump how you’re feeling.

A 90-minute shift session on Zoom.

Personalised journaling prompts to work through after our call.

Custom-written and recorded meditation to help you make lasting change.



Your investment



Or 2 x monthly payments of £199 (with initial set-up fee of £1)


BONUS: Book before 30th June* and you’ll also get access to my video workshop, Journaling for Self-Discovery.


*applies to all Shift Session purchases even those which are scheduled for after 30th June.

How is this different from your writing courses?

In so many ways! Whereas my writing programs focus on learning how to write more consistently, this is about your life in general. Writing plays a part in that as I will be giving you journaling prompts to work through after our call. My writing programs are delivered in a group format, whereas this is a private session where you get my full attention and personalise support.

How is this different from tarot readings?

My tarot readings are about asking spirit for guidance about your life situation. Shift sessions are about talking through your inner life in a more therapeutic way, giving you space to express what’s actually going on before you make and concrete plans to move forward.

Do I need to have a project in mind to book a call?

These sessions are designed for people who are lacking clarity and seeking a more fulfilling life. During our session, we may come to the conclusion that a writing project will support that fulfillment. In which case, I’ll offer any professional advice I can to help you get started. 

Can you give me business advice?

These sessions are designed for people who are lacking clarity and seeking a more fulfilling life. During our session, we may come to the conclusion that making changes to your business will support that fulfillment. In which case, I’ll offer any professional advice I can to help you get started.

What makes you qualified to mentor?

I am a writer known for my work in the field of mental health, self-care, and personal development. I have authored several books and contributed to various publications, sharing my experiences and insights to inspire and support others on their own journeys.

My writing revolves around topics such as anxiety, depression, self-esteem, and finding balance in the modern world. I openly share my own struggles and offer practical advice and techniques for navigating through life’s challenges. I’m known for being relatable, honest, and compassionate, resonating with other who may be going through similar experiences.

Through my work, I aim to empower individuals to prioritise self-care, set boundaries, and take steps towards personal fulfillment. I encourage you to embrace self-acceptance, celebrate small victories, and make incremental changes that can have a significant impact on overall well-being. Learn more about me here.