I’m doing it. I’m mentioning the ‘C’ word.

It’s not that I’m particularly excited about this time of year (is anyone with depression really looking forward to Christmas?) but I am aware that the shopping for gifts is well underway for most people, so I wanted to offer some advice to those of you who may be struggling to find the perfect Christmas gift for an anxiety sufferer.

The problem I have with anxiety is that is makes me feel depressed, worthless and unable to function. If was asked what I wanted for Christmas I would say ‘nothing’, because often I feel like I don’t deserve any presents. It’s not a cry for attention or a way to get sympathy. Anxiety messes with your confidence and your self-esteem and makes you feel like no one cares about you and that they’re right to do so.

With that in mind, I understand how hard it can be to find Christmas gifts for friends or family who suffer from anxiety. When you hand over that lovely little package on December 25th, I want you to be confident that you’ve chosen something that could potentially make their lives easier or at least offer some comfort at a difficult time. None of these gifts are going to be a quick fix for mental health problems but they can act as a subtle reminder that your support is always available.

Subscription boxes are still going strong, and this Buddy Box from Blurt is a well thought out addition to the selection with a focus on mental health. Although they specialise in boxes for depression sufferers, you might find that your friend could still benefit from a box of treats tailored to mental well-being in general. You can purchase a one off box or sign up for monthly deliveries with a different set of gifts delivered throughout the year. Check out this review from Hannah for an example of what comes in each box.

Pins and patches are the currency of the modern mental health sufferer. This pin duo from Diglot Etc is incredibly cute and this one from Blurt can act as a reminder that you’ve got someone’s back.

what to buy someone with anxiety

I find when I’m anxious I tend to fidget a lot – I bite my nails, constantly fix my hair and readjust my clothing. I also habitually play with the rings on my finger; twisting them around and taking them off just to put them straight back on again. I didn’t realise this was so common until I spotted these Spinning Rings on Etsy. Not only are they helpful to those with anxious habits like me, but they are absolutely beautiful in their own right.

what to buy someone with anxiety

I know that ‘self-care’ is really popular at the moment, and to be honest I think that can only be a good thing. Yes, it’s a tad cheesy to talk about taking care of oneself but it’s something that so many of us let fall by the wayside. I can’t afford to spend a lot of money on skincare and make up and if someone gifts me some luxury bath products I really appreciate it. It also encourages me to take more time to relax, have a bath and give myself a treat or two. Pretty much every girl I know would be grateful for a gift box from Lush  and this one is particularly good for winding down as it features a lavender scented shower gel and several soothing bath products. To really secure a good night’s sleep why not add in this Great day, good night duo from This Works?

what to buy someone with anxiety

I know from personal experience that it can be really frustrating when people suggest various ‘cures’ for your anxiety. Yes, I’ve tried yoga and getting more exercise and there’s no need to patronise me! If you want to offer a suggestion to someone you know who as anxiety then Christmas could be thr perfect opportunity. Although I’ve never tried colouring for mindfulness this Alice in Wonderland colouring book could tempt me to give it a go. I also love The Mindfulness Companion book which has sections for writing down your current mood, feeling and has colouring pages included too.

If you’re affected by anxiety would you like to receive any of these gifts?

what to buy someone with anxiety christmas present